meet lindsey miller of Whitley therapeutix

Meet Lindsey

Hi, my name is Lindsey Miller and I am excited to be joining Terese’s team at Whitley Therapeutix. My education on the human anatomy began as a young gymnast competing at a national level with dreams of one day placing in the Junior Olympics. After multiple injuries and time out for rehabilitation it was time to refocus my attention towards healing. 

I naturally gravitated towards yoga to bring my body and mind back into balance. After several years of practice, I received my 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification through Two Sun’s Rising in 2012. As I began to move further into my own healing journey, I became fascinated with the complexities of the human anatomy and the mind body connection. As a gymnast I learned to powerfully focus and command my body to perform often outside of its comfort zone and safety. Yoga helped me integrate my body with my mind from a place of compassion and understanding. This ignited a passion within me to learn more about the intricacies of our musculature and functionality of movement. 

I graduated from the Heritage Institute with an Associates in Science in 2015 and began my career as a licensed massage therapist in Jacksonville Beach.  Massage came naturally to me as I have a gift in finding tight areas of restriction and meticulously working them until they release. (It’s one of my favorite things :)  My therapeutic work has evolved organically over the past 7 years working with hundreds of bodies and injuries. I’ve worked with competitive dancers, gymnasts, various types of athletes, as well as several of our very own Jaguars football players. However, I have found the strain on bodies to be just as significant for the rest of us who spend countless hours at the gym or a desk and just spending too much time looking down at electronics.


I am grateful for the opportunity to further my education as I mentor with Terese to learn more of her specialized techniques utilizing Neuromuscular, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release.

I currently have certifications in, Medical Massage, Thai Massage, Muscle Testing, and Aroma Therapy