My Journey

As an ill-adapted paralegal with a secret desire to make a living using my heart instead of my head, I had to first accept that corporate America was not for me. Once I came to that realization, I began to seek a way to transform my life and to figure out how I could be of service to others.

I was guided to my first yoga class at the local YMCA in 1999. From the moment I found my 'sit bones' my soul rejoiced. All the stress and anxiety of trying to fit my very round self into the world's square pegs melted away. I found more peace and ease in my life once my path began to reveal itself as my mind, body and spirit reunited. I had to share this experience with others. This desire to be of service led me to become a certified yoga instructor. Finally, I could contribute by sharing a practice I love. I began instructing private clients and classes before and after work and on the weekends. My soul grew more excited about the possibilities.

I explored other healing modalities as my journey of teaching yoga, practicing meditation, and creating more peace and healing in my own life unfolded. I studied the chakra system and energy fields during my yoga training. The next logical step on my journey was to dive deep into the intricacies of the human anatomy.

I was fueled by my dedication to facilitate more healing for others. I became a licensed massage therapist and Reiki practitioner, which was my calling. I studied other healing modalities including hands-on bodywork and energy work, which are perfect complements to the services I offer. I have helped thousands of people like you feel better through therapeutic, relaxation massage and energy work. I create a safe, healing, sacred space at Whitley Therapeutix to aid in your healing and relaxation.